W is for waterspotted…

IMG_8380 - Copy

Every time I have read about OPI “Black Spotted” it has been with great lust, it seems everyone wants this polish, but few will ever have it. Unless you want to spend way too much for my liking to buy it on Ebay, it was only released in some European countries. So I followed this tutorial by cutepolish on youtube to recreate the effect. I love this look, I believe Layla has a similar polish that they call “Bubbly Effect”….one day Layla, one day….


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2 responses to “W is for waterspotted…

  1. I could not get this to work 😦 looks amazing though

  2. What problems did you have? The water needs to be a touch warm or a least not too cold. I used chapstick around my fingers which is so much easier than tape. Spray sanitiser doesn’t seem to be sold where I live, so I used (cheap) perfume, I think any spray alcohol would work.

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