Z is for zombie…

IMG_8469 - Copy

I have been wanting to have zombie nails ever since seeing the Nail Nerd‘s corpse nails, wow! I looked for a couple of other inspirations and followed a tutorial by Beautylab. I think I went slightly overboard with the dark red polish, but I was having so much fun! Also inspired by these ghoulish nails, I did actually paint my nails a pale skin tone and added thin layers of purple and brown acrylic paint. The fingers were made dirty with an old mascara and more brown paint, they got too dirty at one point and I had to clean them up abit! I’m dying to try this again…pun intended!


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3 responses to “Z is for zombie…

  1. these are too gross lol ewww 🙂

  2. Lady u really have some sight, I cant help but comment on each nail art. U have taken so much effort for this challenge

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