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This is the first of the time periods…from the last two posts you’d be forgiven for thinking all I do is stick “stuff” on my nails! Just trying to break those art rules and use different materials to create with. No insects died for this mani, they were collected dead from a shed window sill. I live in a rural area with plenty of insects! It was actually quite hard to achieve “an insect trapped in amber” look, this was my second attempt and I’m still not happy with the amber colour.  Thanks for looking and I hope you come back tomorrow, when I will actually paint my nails!


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11 responses to “Jurassic…

  1. That is… fascinating, creepy and creative all at once. O_O I think I’d be a little bit too precious for that manicure. Would keep staring at my nails all like ‘…ew, bugs’. But have to appreciate the creativity of it. Awesome job.

    • Thank you, I did wear them overnight and woke up thinking I just slept with mozzies on my nails! Then had to take them off for work, suppose I’m kinda used to creepy crawlies, I would catch lizards as a kid and take them home in my lunchbox!

  2. I would have never thought of these, great creativity. You brought your soul to the competition. Impressive.

  3. WOW! You bring nail art to a new level! Very inspiring =)

  4. nailcrazy69

    kinda creepy but so cool ❤

  5. Andra Kat

    creepy, but, love it!

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