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IMG_9962 - 1970's disco Copy

Hello out there in lacquerland, a trip back in time to the 70’s. For this I started off with a green-gold base colour on fake nails again. Over that I added stripes of different colours, but they were clashing badly…oh how seventies! Then sitting next to me on the table was a box(or 2!) of Kleancolor metallics, that despite being all different colours are very harmonious together.  Once the stripes were done, I added at least 2 different holographic glitter topcoats. I couldn’t seem to draw the people quite small enough, so I used the vodka transfer method. This didn’t work too well either, but enough for me to vaguely see the outline of the dancers and then I filled them in with nail art pen in black.  A topcoat and we’re done….thanks for looking.


Here’s my inspiration, perhaps I should have used neon colours….next time!



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Guest post…

IMG_9471 - Copy Irish

Hello, today I’m heading over to Dizzy Little Digits while the lovely Denise is away on holiday in Ireland. So pop over to see more of this mani and all the other beautiful Irish inspired nails from other guest bloggers. Love that fluffy white sheep!

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Blue sprinkles….

IMG_9832 - Copy

A break from time periods today and something fun! A while back I did some “rice nails” (as a joke) and it seems they didn’t go down too badly, so I raided the cupboard to see what other textures could be found.  At the back, hiding, was a packet of sprinkles, the kind you put on cakes and doughnuts. Why not, I thought! I broke them up a bit, mixed some loose glitter in with them, painted my nails in a thick coat of pale blue and dipped my nails into the sprinkles. Hey presto, instant texture! I have an idea up my sleeve and am going to try to franken a textured polish.



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IMG_9802 -  1960's Copy

I love patterns and clothing from the sixties, so I knew straight away what I wanted to do for this theme. The only trouble was narrowing it down to only one pattern! So I was inspired by this dress that I found on Pinterest. Over a white base, I used acrylic paint for the swirly design and finished with a nice thick top coat, which like magic takes all the brush marks away.


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Tail fins with tail lights…


Just a quick post today, a variation on yesterday. A friend suggested to me to try to give the cars brake lights, so I put some red led xmas lights behind my fingers and this is what I came up with. Hard to get a decent picture as the lights are only held in place by me pushing on them.


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IMG_9765 - Copy tail fins

The thing I like most about the 1950’s would have to be the cars!!  So I thought I’d try to make nails that looked like the tails fins. These are made with fake nails and were really hard to photograph, I think because one is white and one black. The idea seemed great in my head, but my camera was just not playing ball today.  The chrome is silver striping tape, I choose red, white and blue because of course these cars are American. From top to bottom, Plymouth “Fury”, Ford “T-bird”, Cadillac “Eldorado” and a Chev “Bel Air”. How neat that I happen to have a cd case shaped like a tyre!  Thanks for looking.



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IMG_9576white - 1920's

For this I used Mash plate 41 and stamped with Barry M, foil effects in gold. It was quite hard to line up the design and for the lines to come out nice and straight. The lovely Michelle  at Lacquer or Leave her! (my stamping idol) gave me some great tips. Firstly instead of rolling the stamper from side to side across your nail, try rolling it up to down along the nail. Secondly to line up the image with the bottom of the nail, I think I need to actually make a mark in the middle of my finger, at the base of the nail. All the images turned out slightly off centre, I think because where you think the middle of your nail is, looks to be in a different place as you view your nail from a different angle.  Hope that makes sense and thanks for looking.


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