Medieval No. 2…

IMG_9020 - Copy

Well since I love Medieval so much, I couldn’t stop at doing just one design! I find old manuscripts fascinating with their history, beauty and richness of colour.  So this was somewhat inspired by the newsprint technique, but with an old twist and a tutorial by Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes. Charlie discovered that you can make your own transfers using vodka and your photocopier, who would have thought!!

That is how I achieved the script look, the lady with the bird I just cut out from the sheet of photocopied paper and stuck her on, yep back to just sticking things on my nails again. The lady is abit stiff, so I should have softened her in some water or polish remover….next time. I did paint in the backward R with acrylic paint, gold flourishes and touches on her dress with gold polish. I really like the pointed shape of these nails, they seem to go with the period. I have a new watermark, did anyone notice?? What do you think of it??


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4 responses to “Medieval No. 2…

  1. nailcrazy69

    cool, love it 😀

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