IMG_9576white - 1920's

For this I used Mash plate 41 and stamped with Barry M, foil effects in gold. It was quite hard to line up the design and for the lines to come out nice and straight. The lovely Michelle  at Lacquer or Leave her! (my stamping idol) gave me some great tips. Firstly instead of rolling the stamper from side to side across your nail, try rolling it up to down along the nail. Secondly to line up the image with the bottom of the nail, I think I need to actually make a mark in the middle of my finger, at the base of the nail. All the images turned out slightly off centre, I think because where you think the middle of your nail is, looks to be in a different place as you view your nail from a different angle.  Hope that makes sense and thanks for looking.


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8 responses to “1920’s…

  1. michelle

    So beautiful! It captures the era perfectly. 🙂

  2. michelle

    Ps…they don’t look off-center…:)

  3. How pretty 🙂 I love how black and gold give you this antique look.

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