IMG_9962 - 1970's disco Copy

Hello out there in lacquerland, a trip back in time to the 70’s. For this I started off with a green-gold base colour on fake nails again. Over that I added stripes of different colours, but they were clashing badly…oh how seventies! Then sitting next to me on the table was a box(or 2!) of Kleancolor metallics, that despite being all different colours are very harmonious together.  Once the stripes were done, I added at least 2 different holographic glitter topcoats. I couldn’t seem to draw the people quite small enough, so I used the vodka transfer method. This didn’t work too well either, but enough for me to vaguely see the outline of the dancers and then I filled them in with nail art pen in black.  A topcoat and we’re done….thanks for looking.


Here’s my inspiration, perhaps I should have used neon colours….next time!



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5 responses to “1970’s….

  1. Makes me want to dance! 🙂

  2. wow – these are really bloody amazing! very unique – love it!! 🙂

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