IMG 1980's

Its lucky the music was good in the eighties, well I think so, because the fashion sure was tragic!!!! What were designers thinking? So for this era I’ve gone for a skittle of 80’s looks, fluorescent pink zebra, “fluoro” paint splatters and acid wash jeans. The jean look is created with Sally Hansen, salon effects nail strips – “Good Genes”.  I was pretty disappointed with this product, it says on the packet to stretch them, but the moment you stretch them they rip and break. It also says “use warm hands for maximum flexibility and stretch”, well maybe that was my problem. This is my first time using such a product, so I have a lot to learn. There were a bargain though, reduced from $15 to $5, I even got some for $2….score!! They did wear quite well, but I doubt up to ten days as claimed, I got two out of them.  Don’t think I can post every second day, I think twice a week is more realistic. Thanks for looking. 



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7 responses to “1980’s…

  1. This is a great manicure!! 😀

  2. Janvier

    Amazing job at capturing the 80s! Love!

  3. this is cute! love the 80’s!

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