1990's grunge

It seems I’ve  been a little absent lately…..well I’m back! 1990’s had me stumped for quite awhile. I looked to fashion for inspiration and then thought, what did I wear then? Grunge…  So this is what I came up with, I had many leather studded belts, a blue flannelette shirt, stockings that I’d painted silver barb wire on and a red dress with skulls all over it. Hang on, I still own all these things and wear them too, well sometimes! The skulls are stickers, cheap $2 ones and I’m still getting the hang of using them. Barb wire is BM323 stamped with Barry M, foil effects, silver. For the ring finger I painted a base of pale blue and made a decal using Mash plate 39, stamped with Kleancolor, metallic yellow. Over that on the same decal I stamped with OPI Russian Navy suede, using Mash plate 50. I really like how this turned out and shall have to try to use the effect again. The pinky has studs pushed into the wet polish.  Thanks for stopping by and see you again tomorrow!


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7 responses to “1990’s…grunge

  1. That looks great, I love the skulls 😀

  2. Love this, especially the plaid! I will have to try this technique myself, which means I have to add more plates to my stash. Have been looking for a good plaid stamp and this MASH looks like it could be it!

    • Thanks Tina, I was happy with how that nail came out, so I’ll be doing a plaid mani soon. Its good using the plastic bag method, so that you can line up the stripes and get them parallel. The mash plates have some great designs and seem to be well etched, but I’ve only tried 3…slacker!

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