Futuristic no.2….

Circuit board

Like I can ever just stop at one design! I was actually going to try to get on old circuit board, dismantle it and try to stick bits to my fingernails, but I didn’t have one.  So over a base of green polish, I used a silver nail art pen to draw dots and lines. Then I added a black rectangle to look like a chip and stamped with various numbers and letters that were the right size. Who would have thought there could be a use for these parts of the plates, the manufacturers numbers! To create the look of solder, I used a dotting tool and chrome polish over the dots I’d drawn with silver pen. The more polish I added, the more they looked like solder!


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4 responses to “Futuristic no.2….

  1. Haha I’d love to see you with bits of circuit board stuck to your nails! 😛
    This looks awesome though!

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