Horsehead Nebula…

Horsehead Nebula

The lovelies at Llama nails now have two challenges going on, I could barely keep up with one! So to mix things up we have a Nerd Challenge, this theme is space and an Art and Artists challenge. It has taken my ages to think of something for space! Galaxies have been done many times before, but when I received Emily de Molly “Dark Crystal” I just had to use it somehow. It is like looking into the night sky in a bottle! I also used about 14 other polishes for this. To create this look I sponged, painted some wisps of gaseous clouds, added touches of glitter and holographic polish.



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5 responses to “Horsehead Nebula…

  1. Lena Payne


  2. This is pretty! I can’t sop staring at it πŸ˜€

  3. This looks awesome, great job!

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