Georgia O’Keeffe…

Georgia O'Keeffe

As I mentioned we have two challenges going on at the moment in Llama land. I had heard the name Georgia O’Keeffe, but being an Australian, I was unfamiliar with her work. So I searched some pictures on the net, as you do, and thought….oh she paints flowers….yawn….and hang on….vaginas, oh that’s different!! When I researched written info on her life, she claims she did not paint vaginas, but they are flowers as if seen through a magnifying glass, the plot thickens.

I took inspiration from the painting I believe is called “Blue Flowers”, but she did paint many variations, so possibly this is not the right name. For this look I started with a base of white polish. Over that I applied a couple of layers of white acrylic paint, and then painted over with watercolour paint. Then sealed it with a matte topcoat. For once my dead leaf prop actually looks fitting.


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3 responses to “Georgia O’Keeffe…

  1. What a cool manicure!

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