Tron Legacy…


Somehow I have never heard of the movie Tron, the original from the eighties or the more recent Tron Legacy. I stumbled across it at the library and thought, this looks interesting. Wow, what a great story and a visually exciting movie. That for the most part has a very limited colour palette of black, white, yellow, red and blue. When I saw the suits the characters wear, I wanted to try to recreate this in nail art. If only I could get neon lights on my nails! I see Daft Punk are also big Tron fans and it would have been so fitting if some of their songs were in it. In my mind Daft Punk were everywhere in the movie!

For this mani I started with a base of white polish, over that I painted my most brightest neon yellow. When completely dry I applied striping tape, a round sticker and painted over with black polish. I was really happy with how this came out and I managed to wear it for two days. This is also my first mani with tape so it was abit of a learning curve. If you are unfamiliar with Tron, here is one of the suits which I loosely based these nails on, the theme was actually video games, but I think this fits.

tron_legacy_promo_image_disc_game_03I have since found out that Daft Punk are in the movie and did the soundtrack, looks like I’ll be watching it again soon.


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8 responses to “Tron Legacy…

  1. Looks just like it! So nice πŸ™‚

  2. Ooh, awesome inspiration!! The movie’s a good one and your nails look amazing πŸ™‚

  3. Great design, I love the inspiration!

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