To say that it was daunting to recreate Michelangelo’s brilliance on nails, is an understatement. So many masterpieces to choose from. Michelangelo considered himself to be a sculptor, not a painter. The “Pieta” was carved in 1497-1500 for a French cardinal in Rome and today stands in St. Peter’s Cathedral, Vatican City. I have been lucky enough to see it in person. The delicacy and technical brilliance earned Michelangelo his reputation and on his return to Florence he was commission to sculpt the famous “David”.

Michelangelo 1

So here is my take on Michelangelo’s brilliance, this is painted on fake nails with watercolour paint and sealed with matte top coat. I really enjoyed trying to create a marble look on the other nails and with watercolour paint this was easy, but still time consuming. I painted fine dark grey lines and then put drops of water over to wash most of the paint away. I took excess water away with a q-tip and did the same with white, til the effect was soft and marble like.

Michelangelo 2


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22 responses to “Michelangelo….Pieta

  1. thebubblybrunette

    This is an absolutely amazing recreation!

  2. Your nail art is fantastic!

  3. Wow looks amazing! 🙂

  4. Ok, this is just wow! Amazing! Gorgeous! Beautiful! You have capture her expression perfectly!

  5. m.heim

    excellent – you have such talent – I am sure something has to come from all these creations. much love mum XXX0000XXX

  6. I’ve studied Michelangelo’s work for months this year at uni – way too much even that my brain suffered at the end to be honest… ^^ – and the way you captured her face expression is totally amazing ! This is the most amazing manicure I’ve ever seen, a true piece of art !

  7. Thank you for the tip with the marble! I will definitely try it out too! ^^

  8. nailcrazy69

    i’m speechless, this is beyond every word i can say… love it, thumb up, brilliant, you’re goddess girl ❤

  9. Gorgeous! So glad you shared these in a recent post because I missed these beauties the first time around.

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