Georges Seurat…


Seurat (1859 – 1891), is best known for his method of painting in tiny dots, known as Pointillism.  As can be seen in his study for the painting “The Circus”. Seurat believed by mixing together paint on a palette, that the brilliance of the colours are lost. So by laying down the paint in dots, the paint is then optically mixed by the viewer and therefore retains much of its brilliance of colour. I chose this study to base my nail art on as the dots are clearly seen and for its use of primary colours. I wanted to keep it simple.


You may wonder why I often paint on fake nails, well partly because I work in a kitchen. I can’t have long nails even if I wanted to and I can’t wear polish to work. So if a design is going to take me awhile, then I have to be able to come back to it, undamaged. I started with a base of white polish and painted the outlines in blue watercolour paint. Which is just so perfect for nail art, I love it! Then using my smallest dotting tool I added yellow, red, cream, pale yellow,sienna and blue polish. I tried to drag the dots in some places to imitate Seurat’s dabbing brushstrokes. I then sealed the nails in matte top coat, something else I love the more I use it. Thanks for looking, next up in our artists challenge we have Picasso, how exciting!!




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4 responses to “Georges Seurat…

  1. Wow amazing! Looks just like it 🙂

  2. thebubblybrunette

    Amazing job!

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