Lego nails….


Today we have Lego nail art as if you can’t tell! I would like to say I was inspired by Varnished Valkyrie, as I did search for a few ideas. Now that I go back to give her credit, I see that I pretty much copied her design! Which just happened that way, as I did pick the colours up at random. Two out of five nails, I’ve chosen the same colour on the same nail and all have the same amount of “lumps”! All I can say is great minds think alike. I created the “lumps” by first applying a coat of polish and then pushing acrylic gems into the wet polish. I found it was easier to match the gems with the base colour , so they needed minimal coverage with polish and the colour blended together well. Thanks for looking, tomorrow Picasso will be dropping in!



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2 responses to “Lego nails….

  1. So cool! Looks like it too 🙂

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