Pablo Picasso…


Hello out there in lacquerland, as promised today I have Picasso inspired nail art. Unfortunately the picture that inspired me was on the cover of a book, so now when I search a reference picture I find that the book cover was only part of the painting that I’ve used! Oh well, the painting that inspired these nails is called “The Red Chair”,1931. Once again I have used fake nails, maybe one day mine just might grow. Firstly I drew the outline in black nail art pen, then filled in each section with nail polish and lastly went over the black lines again in acrylic paint and a very fine brush. For once these nails didn’t take me all that long! Thanks for looking, soon I have coming up Van Gogh and everyone’s favourite…..Zombie nails!!!!




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6 responses to “Pablo Picasso…

  1. I really enjoy all your artistic inspired nail arts, hope to see more of it ^-^

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