Van Gogh…


Next up in the artist challenge is Van Gogh, I have always liked this portrait, so I thought why not. I am a big fan of Van Gogh’s work, I love his expressive chunky brushstrokes and have tried to capture them in the other three nails.

Van Gogh

On fake nails I thought I’d try to paint entirely in nail polish for a change. Although I did the outline for the portrait in dark blue watercolour and then filled it in with polish. So the dark blue around his eyes , nose etc is watercolour as is his red beard and hair, only because I had the perfect colour straight from the tube. Also my watercolour brush is so fine, I didn’t want to wreck it with actone. Here are all the polishes I used, no special brands, I tried to keep it to cremes, but one is a shimmer. I did topcoat over the watercolour, but not over the other three nails, I wanted to keep the texture of the brushmarks. Thanks for stopping by, soon I’ll be eating someone’s brains, oh no wait, just doing zombie nails!




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14 responses to “Van Gogh…

  1. thebubblybrunette

    This looks amazing! Great job πŸ™‚

  2. WOW, you did a really great job !!

  3. These are so detailed! Van Gogh is one of my all time favorite artists so I really love this!

  4. New follower here! This is honestly one of the most incredible manicures I’ve ever seen. Your attention to detail is amazing. I truly love everything about this. Amazing ❀

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