Star Wars…

Well I’ve been a bit absent lately as I went on holiday, so as usual I’m behind in the challenges, oh well, I’m always behind. The theme Star Wars had me stumped, I’ve seen such great manis on this subject. So I thought I’d go for something easy-ish and choose Chewbacca.


I had some brown corduroy material lying around and tried to shave some fluff off it, but that didn’t work at all. Then I bent it gently and was able to trim the tufts off the main part of the fabric. This worked well and it turned out quite nice and fluffy. I painted one nail at a time with brown nail polish and stuck the brown fluff on with tweezers. For Chewbacca’s face, I painted the features in watercolour paint and yellow nail polish for his teeth. I painted brown polish around his feature and gently stuck a tiny bit of fluff on. I brushed alot off and then stuck on some beige lambs wool, that I’d also turned to fluff with scissors. Its quite fun having fluffy nails, I think I might go to the shops or the beach like this and see how long it lasts! Thanks for stopping by and up next is Frida Kahlo.


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12 responses to “Star Wars…

  1. This is fantastic — I love you so much for doing these!!

  2. Donna

    Wow you are seriously talented!

  3. nailcrazy69

    omg, such a cool idea, love your Chewbacca 😀

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