M.C. Escher….

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the world’s most well known graphic artists, according to his official website. I first saw his work in a Maths class and was more fascinated that fish could turn into birds and then into boats and then back into fish, than I was in Maths! Many of his images I find intriguing, brilliant and quite comical. Such as the hand drawing the hand. Such skill, such precise lines, such realism!!


I’m at a loss to recreate such neatness on nails, so I was thinking how about two hands painting each others nails. Bit of a cop out maybe, but good for a laugh! These are my hands, I attached my camera to a tripod and used the timer setting, took a few attempts to get the right shot. I will try to come up with some proper Escher nail art!

Escher hands


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3 responses to “M.C. Escher….

  1. That’s such a cute idea 😀

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