Edgar Degas….

Impressionism is one of my favourite art styles and Degas often used my favourite medium, pastels! It was hard to chose a work of his that would translate to nails. I thought this one, “Dancer Tilting” would, but I can’t say I’m too happy with the final result.


I wanted to capture the marks made by the pastels, but with a brush and nail polish this proved quite hard.


On fake nails I started with a bronze base to mimic the undertone of the paper. I then sketched in the dancer and some details in watercolour paint and filled it all in with various coloured nail polishes. After a couple of coats of matte top coat, it was all looking a bit muddy, so I went back in with the watercolour and added details in black, dark brown and white.

Til next time, when Andy Warhol comes to visit…..


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13 responses to “Edgar Degas….

  1. beachgal

    WOW! this is stunning!

  2. Can’t believe you’re not too happy with the result! This is mind-blowingly incredible. You are truly an artist.

  3. Words fail me! You ALWAYS astound.

  4. michelle

    Gorgeous as always!! ❤

  5. This looks completely amazing! It’s perfect!

  6. Incredible! Shared on my FB page, inspiring!

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