Andy Warhol….

These nails were very much inspired by Canadian Nail Fanatic‘s pop art mani. In fact I fell in love with her nails and bought the stamping plate (Fun 1 or CF05) from My Online Shop the same day! Somehow I’d never got around to using it, until now. 

Marilyn Monroe

I made decals, by stamping the Marilyn design onto a plastic bag and filling in the hair, skin, lips and eyes with different coloured polishes. A tutorial can be found here, I find it easier to stamp onto plastic, so a few decals can be made at once. Next time I’ll use a dotting tool for the lips and eyes for a neater effect and a less childlike look of lipstick application! There must be a few tricks to this technique, as my decals have air bubbles and in some places visible edges.

images (1)

So I might have to do another Warhol inspired mani using a Che Guevara stamp that I have. Any excuse to do another Warhol! Monet is up next in the artist challenge and Game of Thrones in the nerd challenge. Thanks for looking.


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5 responses to “Andy Warhol….

  1. Very clever idea – looks great!

  2. This is so fun! Awesome design and use of color and wow what a great stamp!

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