Good witch, bad witch, green witch…

There are a couple of Halloween challenges going on at the moment and today the theme is witches…*evil cackle*… I love Halloween nails, even though we don’t really celebrate it in Australia, even more reason for me to celebrate it here with you guys!  When I searched images of witch hands they are portrayed as having green skin, interesting! I wonder who came up with that and why?? So why not lets be a green witch today! 

Witch 2

To make my hands green I smeared them with acrylic paint, when I watered it down it didn’t work so well. So I used it straight from the tube onto my finger and of course the nails had to be green too! Apparently witches also have warts, so with some make up concealer, I dabbed small dots onto a make up sponge and sponged them randomly to look like, warts, palsy, disease or just uneven skin tone.

Witch 1

I had in mind long gnarly claw like nails, but once they were green I thought they would look good with stamped webs over them. If witches can have green skin then of course they can go to the witch nail salon and have their nails stamped too right??

Witch close up

Lucky I had a tiny crystal ball to pose with! I wanted to add more stamping, maybe some tiny bats, but I decided less is more and leave it there. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like my witchy nails, they were fun to create!


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8 responses to “Good witch, bad witch, green witch…

  1. This is such an awesome design and I love that you made your hand green 🙂

  2. Ana

    Love that the stamps are not confined to the nails, love it 😀 !

  3. Seriously now, this is just too darn awesome for words…(and it kinda makes me think of that old chick from Great Expectations…)

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