Abigail Larson…

We are wrapping up the artist challenge with, “Your favourite artist”. While I don’t really have a favourite artist (its like choosing a favourite polish!) and we have already done many whose work I admire, I thought I’d go for a modern day artist who paints in a dark style. That’s the best way I can describe her work and subject matter.


The name of this painting is “Dracula Calls”, I love the swirling lines and thought that it would translate to nails quite well. You can see more of Abigail’s amazing work on her website. So in keeping with the style I choose to only use watercolour paint for this, over a base of OPI “My Vampire Is Buff” on fake nails and sealed it all with matte top coat.

Abigail Larson


Filed under Artists Challenge, handpainted nail art, watercolour paint

8 responses to “Abigail Larson…

  1. Kattbelly

    I love your work, so fantastic!

  2. nysefa

    vous êtes trés doueé c’est beau .

  3. Soham

    blown away by your artwork skills. brilliant work.

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