Blood and gore…..

Always late, I am! I had a design in mind that just wouldn’t come together, so it was back to the drawing board or perhaps the ideas board. I thought what could be more bloody and gory than nails that looked like they either had been ripped off or were falling off??? Eww, I’m making myself cringe, the pain, the agony, the horror! So here they are…Ā 

Bloody 3

I created this look by getting some cheap and crappy nearly transparent fake nails. I wanted it to look like my nails were falling off at the nail bed and still attached at the tip. Through this kind of trauma, surely there would be alot of bruising. So I painted the underside of each nail very lightly with a deep reddish purple and a bluish purple, just smeared it on really. Also some deep red where the nail would still be attached. I then drew in some bruising on the fingers where the nails would be detaching from, in purple eyeliner and burgundy lip pencil. Then I applied some nail glue to the tip of each nail (about where the french tip is) and held that part onto the nail, but not pressing the whole nail down entirely. Just enough so the tip held and the base of the fake nail was not attached to the nail bed. Ā 

Bloody 4

Hopefully you can see that in this photo, that around the cuticle is a gap. I made some fake blood using corn syrup and food dye, although I think it is a little too red. Maybe that is a good thing, this look is a little too gruesome for me to want to make it too realistic. I want people to know this is just for fun!! Using a darkish shade of blood a painted it around and under each fake nail on top of the cuticle and let it run and drip.Ā 

Bloody 2

Then I added a lighter shade of fake blood and did the same. It seemed to lack that really bloody gruesome look, so I added some Revlon Red nail polish on my skin and just randomly around on the nail also, ewww!! Perfect, gross and stomach churning! Like always I had fun creating these!

Bloody nails 1

I really like this last photo!




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16 responses to “Blood and gore…..

  1. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! hahaha! good job! looks so real!

  2. That looks so real! I think my fingers felt some empathy pain from seeing your photos D:

  3. OMG, what, are you serious?!!!!!
    I love them.
    They give me goosebumps, too.

  4. Seriously, it’s so really it should be illegal.
    It probably IS illegal in some country.

  5. Michelle Spencer

    Omg having worn acrylic nails and busted my nail ripping it off the nail bed, this just reminds me of that pain. That’s how real they look! Great job, u should work in the movie industry o sets!

    • Thanks Michelle for your compliment I would love to work on a movie set, maybe one day! Sorry to hear of your painful accident, I hope it was not the whole hand. I didn’t think it was really possible for the nail to rip off the nail bed, well not without some kind of major accident. It would have taken months to grow back too. OUCH! šŸ˜¦

  6. This is gross but I love it! Perfect Halloween mani! ā¤

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