Hey Witches, when looking for inspiration for spooky Halloween looks on you tube I came across this creepy unzipped face make up tutorial….ugh…by beautifulyouworld.com.


What a fantastic job this girl does with lots of different gory make up looks and she always says “Hello beautiful!” which makes me laugh. So I thought I’d try to recreate this look on nails, I like the contrast between the “normal” pretty face and the bloody unzipped part.

Unzipped 1

I started with some fake nails, painted in OPI “My Vampire Is Buff” to mock that lovely natural skin tone look. Then I applied some zipper water slide decals that I bought from Born Pretty online store. These were really easy to use and for $2….why didn’t I buy more??? I applied a top coat to seal them in place and then carefully cut the fake nails, along the edge of the zipper using nail clippers. I painted the part of my finger nail that was going to be exposed, a deep red and added black and Revlon Red using cling (saran) wrap. This was a perfect way to apply the polish, it gave texture and depth. Once I had stuck the fake nails on, I applied some lip pencil and purple eyeliner sparingly and also smudged some old black mascara around.

Unzipped 2

I had been saving on old piece of lamb bone just for this occasion and only noticed after I had taken the photos that the marrow is much the same colour as the exposed flesh part of my nails. Awesome! Thanks for looking.






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12 responses to “Unzipped…

  1. My boyfriend is actually trying the zipper look for halloween this years. wish us luck as I have never done this before and my make up skill are minimal. Love the nail art too

  2. Ugh, that unzipped bloody face is WAY gory….
    You’ve been saving ‘an old piece of lamb bone’? Hahaha, I think I love you even more : P
    I love these nails, they’re super creepy, and that contrast between the nude and the bloody is fantastic.

  3. I have tried to get this look a couple of times before but have never been successful. Using the fake nails is INGENIOUS! Will definitely be trying this myself, maybe with an ugly sweater mani (tee hee) and will link you as inspiration!

    • Tina, whats an ugly sweater mani? I also tried this look a couple of times, with my newly acquired Moyou plates (that have a fantastic zipper stamp) but it just didn’t come together. Then the decals arrived in the mail and I had a brainwave solution moment. For this to work I think you need the depth or layer that the fake nails provide. Glad to inspire you…mission accomplished! xx

  4. That makeup is terrifying! I just got those same zipper decals but I just went for a denim look, haha. Great job!

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