Torn flesh…..

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead lately, in one episode the undead meet a “walker” and to find out if it has eaten recently they look under its nails for human skin! Ewwww! So this is what inspired these nails. A zombie like hand that has flesh under its nails!!

Torn flesh

I sponged a gradient of greys and green on my nails, over that I painted blood drips. I made fake skin by painting PVA (Elmers) glue on the palm of my hand, once that was dry I painted over it in skin coloured polish and peeled it off. Ripping up tiny pieces, I then stuck them onto the nail tips with the same colour polish. I smeared some white make up pencil on my fingers and some old mascara. Not sure about this one, maybe I’m all zombied out? Thanks for looking, bye.


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9 responses to “Torn flesh…..

  1. OMG are you serious right now, is THAT what inspires your designs now?!
    I love them : D

  2. Ela

    Uhhh, creepy:)
    But so well done! Great job!:)

  3. XlinaXMX


  4. XlinaXMX

    Just to let you know I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger & The Liebster Awards. So hope over to my blog and read all the awful things I said about you *Joke*

    ♠ Lina Maureen the Drugstore Queen ♠

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