Broken Doll…

While browsing the internet, I came across a blog called jangsara.blogspot. and found this amazing  broken doll make up  that she had done. I thought that could look good on nails.



So getting away from all the gory and creepy manis, I thought I’d do something a bit lighter today.

Broken 1

I painted fake nails, with a base of pale pink, the best colour I could find to imitate the soft delicate tone of a porcelain doll.  I then applied matte top coat, and painted in the cracks with a fine brush and acrylic paint. This look was really easy and quick, I decided less is more and just put in a few cracks. Another coat of top coat, to even everything out. I was going to put tiny spiders coming out of the cracks, in keeping with Halloween, but I liked it as it was.  Thanks for looking, back to Halloween nails tomorrow and this one is a beauty, I can’t wait to show you!

Broken 2




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6 responses to “Broken Doll…

  1. thebubblybrunette

    Amazing design 🙂

  2. I love this effect – I might give it a try myself soon 🙂

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