There are a few manis that I’ve done in the past that I’ve wanted to revisit and improve on them. My first punk nails leave alot of room for improvement. I cared or knew little about cleaning up around the cuticles, filing a decent shape with a similar length on each nail and lightboxes.

Punk-a-licious 2

I also wanted much better looking studs, tartan and zippers. The tartan is a nail wrap, which I just haven’t made friends with yet, they crinkle, they rip, they don’t sit flat, ugh. The studs and zipper decals came from Born Pretty store and the anarchy symbol I’ve painted on with a silver striping brush. The thumb is Barry M croc effects over silver, I think by accident I have found a way to turn this polish into Leather Effects….stay tuned!


Thanks for looking!


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11 responses to “Punk-a-licious…

  1. XlinaXMX

    OMG Im in love with your nails!! Are those your natural nails ? If so how do you put the studds on without damaging your nail? They always ruin mine

  2. Very cool! And congrats on your feature on The Crumpet!! 🙂

  3. Love em, very cool designs, work very well together! : ))

  4. I love this tartan, it is lovely!

  5. All the different designs match together perfectly! I love the anarchy symbol and the tartan nail wrap!

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