Cinderella wears plaid….

I first heard my friend Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes refer to her non dominant hand as “Cinderella”, the one that doesn’t get seen and does all the work! Today’s theme in, Adventures In Stamping, is inspired by fabric, I chose a flannelette shirt, or as we say in Australia….”a flanno”.

Over a base of Australis “Aqua”, I stamped with OPI “Russian Navy-Suede” using Mash plate 50. Over that I stamped with Kleancolor “Metallic Yellow” using Mash plate 39 and finished with China Glaze fast forward top coat.

Cinderella wears Plaid


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6 responses to “Cinderella wears plaid….

  1. Awesome plaid nails! They look amazing 🙂

  2. I have been putting off getting the mash plates, but this just may push me over the edge!

  3. These are brilliant! Conjures images of Cindy as a hardworking lumberjack princess.

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