Vintage Valentine…

I am somewhat fascinated by old things, they tell a story of a different age, an era gone by. I took inspiration from these Victorian/Vintage Valentine’s day cards and made decals using my super awesome waterslide decal paper for photocopiers!!

  swallow-clipart-graphicsfairy012b       vintage-valentines-clipart-graphicsfairy003a      swallow-Image-Graphics-Fairy2

That’s cheating you might think, well its not as easy as it seems. These nails actually took me …hours…. So you find the design you want, the easy part. You then need some kind of editing software so you can get the picture the right size to fit on your nails, very tiny, (the hard part.) I use HP photo creations (which is free to download) and used the 10 x 15cm paper setting size to edit in. Next to do a test print on plain A4 paper to make sure the sizing is right. Tweak the sizes and placements if needed, I try to squeeze in as many designs as possible, more for next time too!

Print on either white decal paper or clear, for this design I chose white. Imagine it as either printing on a white sheet of paper or a clear sheet of plastic when choosing which paper to use. You will either get a solid design or a transparent one. Okay then let the design “dry”, as you would a photo that you print at home. Seal the design for inkjet printers, but not needed for laserjets, I use clear polish. Next to cut out and apply your design as you would a regular waterslide decal.

Vintage Valentine

For these nails I started with a sponged base of aqua, turquoise and pale blue to look like clouds and that distinctive patchy/dotty look that prints of this time had. I then applied the decals and did my best to paint around them to match them to the background, (also a hard part!) I then applied a matte top coat. These nails came out just as I hoped they would, love that decal paper!

I have since entered these nails in the River Island, “We heart nail art blogger challenge” and the prize is lots of shopping money! If you have a Valentine’s mani you would like to enter, there is still time, entries close on February 24.


February 8, 2014 · 11:09 pm

17 responses to “Vintage Valentine…

  1. If you have a Valentine’s mani that you’d like to share, then just follow the link. Come and look at all the other lovely nails.

  2. These look just perfect 🙂

  3. A lot of work, but worth it!! This is just so freaking cool!!!

  4. nailcrazy69

    this really looks gorgeous, love that vintage look *.*

  5. It looks very olden days which is so neat! Its very different 🙂

  6. Kattbelly

    You are so talented! You really inspire me!

  7. Oh wow that is super clever! They came out great!

  8. Thanks for all your great comments! 🙂

  9. Very romantic! I love it. 🙂

  10. Oh wow, that looks so beautiful! Especially your ring finger ❤

  11. Reina

    Beautiful. What brand of decal paper did you use? I purchased Testors Decal Paper, but find it hard to work with.

  12. It doesn’t seem to say, it just says waterslide decal paper on the back. How are you finding it hard to work with? Email me if you like, my details are under contact. 🙂

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