Happy Valentine’s Day…

I love swallows and hearts, is that obvious yet?! Ever since I received MM14, I’ve been meaning to make swallow decals.  They had to be carrying envelopes for Valentine’s Day, which is a little like my last post, but I think this look is easier to achieve.

Valentine's Day

Over a sponged base of pale blue and turquoise, I stamped using Barry M “Chameleon Pink” and Konad plate m83, to look like wavy grass that the swallows were flying over. I’ve used the stamping decal technique for the birds and envelopes. The birds were stamped in black and then filled in with China Glaze “Adore” and Loreal  736, a gorgeous blue/black, raven feathers kind of colour. Using plate Fun 2, I stamped the envelopes with a dark grey and filled them in with a pale cream. I thought that black would be to harsh here, as would a stark white. I read that someone asked a question about storing decals, well I made these on clear polish that I’d painted onto plastic months ago. The polish was a little brittle, but I’d say they worked better than the envelopes decals which I made today. They stayed nice and flat, whereas the envelopes wanted to curl.  


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9 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day…

  1. oooow it’s realy nice ♥

  2. Gorgeous! I was also thinking decals wouldn’t last that long, but since yours worked well maybe I should make a little stock of them 🙂

  3. Soooo adorable! And not only perfect for Valentine’s, it also reminds me of Spring, which is just the perfect thing to cheer me up from all this cloudy wintery weather 😉

  4. So pretty! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

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