Jurassic revisited….

I have done this look before, but it turned out pretty damn average. I just couldn’t get that honey colour of amber looking right. So it’s been on my to revisit list for awhile and has given me a chance to save dead mosquitoes. If you’ve visited me before, you’ll know…. I save dead things, maybe I’m a little bit macabre?

Trapped in amber 2

I’m happy with the amber effect and achieved it by mixing together brown, yellow and orange polish and adding lots of clear. At first I applied two coats and trapped the insects in it. Then I added touches of Nfu-Oh 59 sparingly, which is a dark beer bottle colour with orange flakies. Added some el cheapo orange multi sized glitter and quiet a few layers of top coat, as I’m sure you can see, to help give the glass like look.

Trapped in amber

Not at all practical and most of you will think…”YUCK, that’s just gross!” But I had fun, it was challenging to do and photograph. Emma from Manicurity has also done this look, check her’s out here.



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33 responses to “Jurassic revisited….

  1. Ahhhahahahaha, you know there’s something wrong with you? But, anyway, there’s a genius behind you’re crazyness!

  2. I think that’s the nicest compliment I’ve had all day, oh wait its the only one! We are all special in our own special way! Thanks again 🙂

  3. That is nail art! Who else would have thought of sticking dead mosquitoes to their nails and make the looks this good?

  4. Mosquitos are best when dead. Lol
    so damn original! You amaze me!

  5. Whaat so these are actual mosquitos? O__O yeah, kinda gross. I wouldn’t do it (or…maybe). But I still love it on your nails. It’s very creative and turned out great! Already loved the first one you did but this one is indeed better, most probably because of the colors. 😀

  6. Shaylene

    That’s soo cool!

  7. The amber effect looks so real! But are you saying that those are real dead mosquitoes on your nails? o.O

  8. These are so awesome…in a weird way haha! I love this idea though! I want to go watch Jurassic Park now! (:

  9. Debra d.


  10. oh my gosh!!!!! this is the weirdest, but at the same time, the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!! kudos to you for doing that!!!!

  11. This IS amazing!! Forget the yuck – it’s just awesome that you actually managed to save mosquitoes to come up with this! Fantastic! (And this is why I follow you – always the unexpected!!!! <3)

  12. Thank you Mina, much appreciated 🙂 xx

  13. YESSSSSSS! I love these so much!! These are so wonderful and truly truly look like amber with your taxidermy additions (can insects even be taxidermied?!). Thank you so much for the shoutout at the end, too ❤

  14. i saw it before, but seeing it again doesn’t make it any less appealing, this looks amazing to me ❤

  15. The biologist in me loves this so so so much! Now I totally want to try this. So thanks a lot…now I’m gonna look nutty saving dead things if spring ever comes here to revive the insects.

  16. WOW! That looks so real (huge improvement from your first try). VERY interesting to us (The Russian Store) and we plan on sharing this!

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