Rene Magritte…

Yay a new challenge group called Nail-Art-A-Go-Go (organised by Missy from Gnarly Gnails) have been doing an art themed challenge in February, I’m always late to the party and am going to join them for the last week…Art movements. Today’s theme is Surrealism, I was going to cheat and use my Dali nails, but that’s not really a challenge is it? So I have picked the Belgian artist Magritte’s (1898-1967) work called “Décalcomanie” painted in 1966.


I thought this would be kind of easy, but it turned out much trickier than I thought. Maybe because I only used nail polish and am out of practise, not having done any painting in a while.


Unfortunately I was too impatient and smudged them a little with top coat, check out what all the other Polish Passionistas have done for this theme in the links below. Next up is oils, texture, brushstokes….oh what fun!


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32 responses to “Rene Magritte…

  1. Your skill is amazing! Looks just like it!

  2. Ana

    Stop it. Stooop!

    Stop being so perfect in your nail artistry and stop featuring my favourite artists.

    No, wait, don’t.

  3. lovely !you’re a really great artist (is it really english ?)
    en français : tu es vraiment une artiste géniale !

  4. Merci beacoup Madame! Yes that was perfect English! 🙂 Keep speaking French to me…I love it!

  5. Ali

    As always, you continue to amaze me with your remarkable technique and eye for detail. So impressive!

  6. You amaze me once again. It’s perfect and I love how neat you work

  7. These are amazing! Well, every design you do is amazing, let’s be real 🙂

  8. Out of practice or not, these are still flipping good! I’m amazed and loving them the more I look at them!!! ❤

  9. out of practice… maybe, but these are still absolutely amazing 😀

  10. It really like this nail art,, especially the concept.

  11. Ara

    That is so awesome! What a great theme!

  12. This is unbelievable! Great job

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