Hello Lacqueristas, ever since I got OPI “Push and Shove” I have been wanting to do a pink and black watermarble over the top. So what better time than now. 

Chrome watermarble 2

The pink is Pure Ice “Splash” and the clear/pink glitter is Barry M “Rose Quartz glitter”, both of these polishes spread so well, love it when that happens. The black is just a basic black creme, nothing special. 

Chrome watermarble

Back soon with “Graffiti”, I seem to get more behind each day. I just don’t know how anyone can do a whole month of manis and posting everyday!!!! I admire you who can! 



Filed under Artists Challenge

7 responses to “Watercolour….

  1. Ana

    After just a week of changing polishes, my nails would stage a coup.

  2. m.

    this would looks stunning, with black accessories, well done. luv M

  3. IKR? How do the daily bloggers do it without their nails falling off? LOL
    Look fab dahling! ❤

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