Adoration is this month’s prompt in the Lacquer Legion group. There are so many things that I adore…colour, art, butterflies, nature, birds, old things, the list goes on. While I enjoy hand painted nail art, I also enjoy sticking random things to my nails, so that’s how I have arrived at today’s mani and just stuck butterfly wings to my nails.

This is the male Cairn’s Birdwing butterfly, (Ornithoptera euphorion), who can have a wingspan of up to 12.5 cm, he is by no means small!! Source photo.


Are you thinking, how on earth did I get butterfly wings? The town where I live has a butterfly house, my mum and I visited a few years ago and as we were leaving they gave us a small paper bag with cocoons and pieces of wings inside! I had actually forgotten I had these, but what a find.

Birdwing butterfly 2

I’ve cut pieces up and stuck them onto fake nails, over a coat of black polish, these were actually kind of hard to work with. The wings have pretty strong veins in them to give them their structure. So I had to cut the veins in places to make them sit flat and really press them into the clear top coat. A good couple of coats were needed.

Birdwing butterfly

I must also adore being late, because I am a few days behind on this one!


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11 responses to “Adoration….

  1. wow ! ton papillon est splendide ♥
    tu n’en as tué aucun hein ? C’est juste de l’art *o* c’est beauuuu !

  2. this really might be one of the weirdest things i have ever seen someone put on the nails. AWESOME.

  3. What a great idea for the theme! Looks nice!

  4. m.

    What a great effect. I remember that day we had together, it was awesome. luv M XX

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