Lilypad Lacquer…”True Blood”

Quite a while ago now I bought a few polishes from Lilypad Lacquer, sadly some still remain in Mt. Untried. I seem to have forgotten about these swatches, saving them for a rainy day.


As you can see “True Blood” is a lovely burgundy holo, I thought it matched well with this unusual plant that I have.


Look at that gorgeous holo! This was 2 coats, in direct sunlight.


Then along comes my little swatching helper to see if I am doing it right….Leila aka the cat!


So there goes my swatching, you win cat because the next thing is she wants to play and starts biting me! Gently, but then we will see real ‘true blood’…ha ha!


Ooh smells like nail polish!


I’m just going to sit here and guard your polish in case that dangerous looking branch should fall on it!! Thanks for your help cat! Lilypad Lacquers can be bought online at their Etsy shop, the shop is closed for a little while due to processing of orders. Nicole does ship overseas and has always answered any queries that I’ve had straight away. I hope she will continue to make polish.


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4 responses to “Lilypad Lacquer…”True Blood”

  1. What a stunning color! It looks amazing with the sun on it too.

  2. Lou

    Stunning, I just love this – wish I had snagged a bottle

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