Thank you…and spam me!

In my short time of blogging, nearly a year now, I have received a few awards. I never seem to get around to accepting them, so today I’m making the time to say…thank you to Craftynail for nominating me for a Shine On award.


Here are the ‘Shine On’ Award rules:

1. Display the award logo to your blog
2. Show appreciation by acknowledging the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post
3. Share 7 random, interesting things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and would like to pass this award to (making sure to link to their blog in your post)
5. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

So 7 random things about me…

1. I didn’t learn to swim til I was 18 and then I taught myself. I’m still a pretty poor swimmer and there is no way I would go into the surf!

2.I really like dressing up and if I could I would dress as a pirate, all day, every day!

3. I went to University and studied art, by major was drawing. I never completed the course as my figure drawing was weak and I ended up failing. This put me off art for many years, until I discovered nails!

4. I lived and worked on a tropical island in the Whitsundays for 4 years.

5.I cut my own hair according to the moon, I know, weird right?? But if it can affect tides and plant growth, surely it can affect hair growth. This is a continual science project which I’m yet to decide if it works or not.

6. I am currently studying to be a …. nail tech!!!

7. I love dance music, at the moment Melbourne Bounce. It’s happy and energetic. I also come from Melbourne.

15 blogs in no particular order that I enjoy reading among others are….

1. Lacquerstyle

2. Fingerfood

3.Dani’s Manis

4.The Polished Playground

5. Lady Lacquer

6. Straluanna

7. Coewless

8. Copycat Claws

9. The Adorned Claw

10. Nail Luxxe

11. My Adventures in Nail Art

12. Piggie Luv

13. Lacquer or Leave her

14. The Nailinator

15. Nails by Laynopaul

When I first started blogging I read a post on blogging etiquette, it said don’t spam others. As in leave your blog link when you make a comment, as people have worked hard on their blogs. To hell with that I say! If you would like me and others to check your blog out, then please leave your link below. Maybe you are new to blogging and just want people to stop by, they will visit again if they like what they see. It can be a blog about anything, photography, exercise, cooking, craft. Just tell us what it is you blog about and leave your link!! Hope to discover some new blogs this way, share the love!


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22 responses to “Thank you…and spam me!

  1. Thanks for nominating me.

  2. Michelle Spencer

    Excellent I say too. How else r u meant to b discovered as a new blogger? This is how I’ve found most of my subscribed to blogs, off of others sites!

    • Hello Michelle, fellow Australian! All I can find out about you is that you have a pinterest page, is that right? With nearly 2000 photos wow!

      • Michelle Spencer

        Yeah, I pin a LOT of awesome nail pics. Gawd there r soooo many talented chicks out there. I used to keep them to myself on my phone but that got ridiculous! Thus Pintrest page. There r a few other things I pin but that’s my favourite! I’m a West Aussie, south of Perth. I have an obscene polish collection for a non blogger but talented people keep making new ones so I must oblige and buy them!😉 I’m sure u know what I mean.

  3. ClaireNPA

    Alors, c’est toi le Pirate des Caraïbes, version australienne ? 😉
    Merci pour la liste des blogs que tu donnes, je n’en connaissais pas certains. Il faut dire que, comme le tien, ce sont les plus difficiles à dénicher, ceux de vraies créatrices, de vraies artistes que je regarde comme j’irai voir une exposition de peinture ou une galerie d’art.
    Je n’arriverai jamais à ce niveau. Je n’ai ni la créativité, ni la patience et ça m’est égal. lol. J’admire, je me régale, je fais ouaaaaaah ! ou oh putain ! :-):-):-)
    Tu as entièrement raison de dire spam me : il n’y a que comme cela ou en épluchant les blogrolls que j’ai trouvé les sites les plus créatifs.


    P.S.: je viens aussi de faire ouaaaaaah ! ET oh putain ! en regardant ce qu’étaient les îles Whitsundays. Je ne sais pas si c’est le Paradis, mais ça y ressemble beaucoup

    • Merci beaucoup Claire, it was Club Med, so I met many French people there! Sometimes it was paradise, other times like hell! I’m planning on making some more tutorials, so maybe one day you might care to make more nail art. Did you have a link to leave for everyone to visit you? Bisous 🙂 Oh and putain!! Ha ha too funny!!

      • ClaireNPA

        Oh la la ! Le Club Med côté GO … Tu n’as effectivement pas du rire tous les jours. Je sais que c’est très dur d’y travailler même si le cadre est enchanteur.
        Je débute complètement dans le nail art. Pour moi jusqu’à la mi-Novembre 2013 les vernis c’étaient Chanel, Dior, YSL, un petit peu OPI et Essie que je connaissais juste de nom. Ah oui ! et CND Shellac il y a un an et demi que j’ai vite rapatrié sur les doigts de pieds. Lol.
        Des frenchs sur les mains et du rouge sur les pieds … Tu vois y’a du boulot. Je te raconte pas le jour où j’ai essayé de trouver le début du rouleau de striping tape … un vrai massacre et une crise de nerfs :-):-):-)
        Donc bien sûr je n’ai pas de blog et je suis paranoïaque concernant les réseaux sociaux. Mais peut-être on en reparlera.


        P.S.: c’est formidable que tu veuilles continuer à pratiquer le français (ou autre langue que tu aurais apprise). Tu as raison, car on perd très vite.
        P.P.S.: pour les tutos, c’est une excellente idée, on est toutes demandeuses (même les blogueuses expérimentées je pense) surtout lorsqu’on a affaire à quelqu’un qui a un niveau aussi élevé que le tien

      • To find the beginning of the striping tape does not make me laugh!! Unfortunately I did not learn much French, only the bad words! Merci Clair! xx 🙂

        2014-03-17 2:25 GMT+11:00 Break rules, not nails :


  4. I love your blog so of course I will take the opportunity to spam you! Just the other day I used your tutorial for Dali’s Persistence of Memory, you’re brilliant 🙂 I’m at 🙂

  5. Awesome Kerry, thank you for sharing! 🙂 xx

  6. You makes amazing nailart!
    You’ll find my blog here:

  7. Congrats on this award! That’s great to hear. Thank you so much for nominating me too 🙂

  8. I adore your blog! Most of the time I LOVE your manis and other times I cringe (the bugs and lizard skin!) but I always admire your ability to think outside the box and always leave your blog with a memorable image and some cool ideas. I originally found you and subbed in bloglovin because of your mona lisa recreation. Wow! Talented with the brush. I appreciate the opportunity to share my blog with you and I hope you’ll take a quick look! I’ve been working on my photography and trying to fit in some art between college classes. 🙂 Have an awesome day!

    • Thank you for sharing …..…and thanks for your lovely comments. I’m glad to have given you some ideas. I suppose I work on the theory that art does not have to be “pretty”. It can be many other things – engaging, interesting, weird, funny, creepy (eg. Abigail Larson), colourful etc. That it is art for art’s sake, or just for the joy of creating. I really like street art especially when it makes me laugh. Art rules… are there to be broken! 🙂

  9. Here is another, liked but not linked, so I will link for them!

  10. Hello! I’ve been following on feedly for a while, I really love your work! Also, thanks for the list of other blogs to check out. It’s great finding inspiration from others and just knowing there are people who like to decorate their fingertips as much as I do 😛 Yay, sharing love! You can see my blog here: 😀

  11. Thanks for sharing 😀 When i have time, i’ll do it!

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