Fairy bread caviar….

Hello lacquer ladies out there in lacquer land, I’m definitely behind the times when it comes to trends.Well I suppose I don’t really follow trends in fashion, hair or whatever. Which brings me to caviar or microbeads that I bought on sale and never got around to using. The ones I have used today came with a red polish which I did use as the base coat and I think they look like fairy bread! Since when do fairies eat bread, I hear you ask?


This is what Australians call hundreds and thousands sprinkled on white bread, cut into pieces and served at children’s parties.

Fairy bread 1

The polish I’m holding here is OPI “The One That Got Away”, I think it would be a better base than the red.

Fairy bread 2

This polish is Color Club “Jack and Jill”. The beads stayed on quite well, but I did my best to push them into the wet polish, I think this is the trick to making them last.



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9 responses to “Fairy bread caviar….

  1. fairy bread? i learn something new everyday!

  2. Reina

    Did you apply a top coat? I find that the top coat removes the color from the beads. Which is unfortunate, because you need it if you want them to last.

  3. Nutella & Vegamite I know, but fairy bread is new to me!

  4. ClaireNPA

    Coucou Michelle !

    Hahaha ! Le vernis caviar : mon premier vernis “exotique”. C’était un vernis de la marque italienne Pupa, très peu connue en France. Même en appuyant sur les petites perles avec le vernis encore humide, j’en ai semé partout. Même dans le lit.
    Le lendemain, presque toutes les petites billes étaient parties. J’étais furieuse. J’avais acheté deux autres vernis de la marque Pupa. Un avec du velours comme pour faire le nail art de Trina. Un autre avec de minuscules cristaux. Sans les essayer, je les ai retournés au vendeur.
    Maintenant, ça me fait rire ces petites perles qui tombaient l’une après l’autre.


    P.S.: les fées mangent du pain depuis qu’elles ont inventé le fairy bread pour les goûters d’enfants. Elles ont trouvé cette création délicieuse et depuis, elles en grignotent

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