Lacquer Legion…lucky

Hello laqueristas, well like usual I was pretty stumped for this month’s prompt. I wouldn’t say I’m a lucky person as such, but I wouldn’t say I’m unlucky either. So then I thought about all the things that I was grateful for in my life, there are a great deal, but none of them screamed nail art. I kept coming back to the happiest time of my life, which was when I worked and lived on Lindeman Island (Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia).  As you can imagine it would be paradise to live on a tropical island with views like this…. Source photo. 


To get to this view was an hour walk through rain forest to reach the highest peak on the island, Mt Oldfield. But what a walk and what a view!! So for 4 years this was my backyard as well as many secluded beaches. What really made it heavenly was my wonderful boyfriend at the time and the adventures we would have kayaking, fishing, camping and exploring. Like anything there were downsides, but I’m going to keep this post positive and not tell you about them! In the end the downsides were why I left.

Lindo 1

This scene would have to be one of my favourites on the island and I’ve based these nails on a few of my own photos, in regards to colour and composition. I’ve painted on fake nails using only nail polish, except for the clouds (watercolour paint) and the black “bullrushes” (nail art pen). The tree/bush is called a grass tree and the black bullrushes are in fact its flowers, they start off covered in small cream flowers and go black over time.

Lindo 2

I did discover that a pale blue holographic polish imitates the beautiful dancing reflections of the sun on the ocean very well.

Lindo 3

I hope you have enjoyed my Lindeman story, it seems almost surreal looking back. I was grateful and lucky to have had this experience, when by chance I went into a job agency searching for work and ended up cooking on an island! I would not change one minute of it. Til next time, may the luck be with you.


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15 responses to “Lacquer Legion…lucky

  1. Beautiful! I can only imagine living in/near such a beautiful place.

  2. Wow these are amazing! Your so artistic!

  3. I absolutely love this mani you are so gifted with artistic talent! I love the ocean and the clouds well done 🙂 xxx

  4. I cannot get over how incredible these are! So detailed!! Wow!

  5. Danette

    Wow, what a beautiful place! I would absolutely LOVE to be able to hike to such an amazing view! Your recreation is gorgeous also! I hope to someday be able to create nail art half that perfect! Well done!!

  6. ClaireNPA

    Pour le nail art, aucun commentaire à faire. Juste se taire. Admirer. Etre émerveillée devant tant de beauté. C’est irréel. Tu es unique et tellement à part.

  7. Wow! These look INCREDIBLE! Exactly like the photo!!!

  8. nailcrazy69

    your nail art blow me away every single time ❤

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