Flower wraps…

Recently I was contacted by Julep to see if I would like to participate in their Spring nail art contest. It seems a strange contest as there are no prizes!! But you do get your nails featured on their blog, hmmm, since I’ve never seen Julep polish for sale in Australia or got to try it…how about you just send me some polish to try please Julep!! Being a little short on time, I choose to use some nail wraps that I had stashed, to create a spring floral look.

Flower wrap 1

I found these very sticky and easy to use. Although you need to line them up correctly because moving them once they were stuck was not an option.

Flower wrap 2

I’ve been wearing them for a few days and they are lasting well. Unfortunately I have forgotten where I bought them from. Julep sells polish online so I might just have to bite the bullet and buy some, you can see their range here. Do any of you own Julep polishes and what do you think of them?


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11 responses to “Flower wraps…

  1. I’ve never tried Julep!

  2. I only have a few Julep colors and the ones I’ve tried are pretty nice. This look good 🙂

  3. I own a few juleps, and I am really rather sad to say that they are crap. They overcharge for truly tiny bottles (look at the amount of polish, its the same size as a “mini” bottle, but they charge $12-14 for it). What is more, their polish chips within two days. I own my fair share of cheap polishes, and julep might be the worst brand I have had to deal with. I own a number of their polishes and I almost never use them…I even bought replacement colors for my two favorites from a different brand so I could continue to do art with them. Unless you can find the polish for under $3, I don’t recommend it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :-/

    • Wow, thank you for your honest review! They did seem a bit in the “Butter London” category to me, that is overpriced and really nothing special in the way of colours or finishes. Well maybe Julep will get there act together and make better quality products.

      On 13 April 2014 16:53, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  4. I have seen a lot of Julep recently and most people seem to really like them, and the colours do look beautiful! I’ve personally never tried any, I’m unsure whether to bite the bullet too! Love these flower wraps btw, look very vintage! xx

  5. Reina

    I have a few Julep polishes. I subscribed to their box for a few months, but didn’t think the subscription was worth the price. I found the polishes to be of good quality. However, they are ridiculously overpriced. You can get the same, or better, quality from China Glaze, Zoya, etc. and get a lot more polish for your money.

  6. I haven’t tried Julep either, they’re not over here
    I do like these wraps though, they surprisingly don’t look like wraps!

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