Now we are one!

Hello lacquered lovelies! My blog has turned one year old! Cupcakes are needed for such an occasion, one for me and one for you! I was inspired by these Tom shoes on Etsy.

This design is painted with too many polishes to name, but the one I’m holding is Max Factor “Angel Nails”. I was pretty stumped on the middle nail, until I realized that it was a watermarbling tutorial on youtube that got me into this mess of nail art, blogging and polish!

I’m having a giveaway of course (as one does in the land of blogging), but this one you have to earn. I really don’t like rafflecopter giveaways, with their “like my page and you just might win something!” attitude. Where is the fun in that? Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything to win this giveaway, you have already done it! Is that strange? Have I got you thinking wtf? Well all will be revealed shortly, sit tight! Thanks for joining me this last year and here’s to being on time with posts, better photos and more art!


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21 responses to “Now we are one!

  1. What do you have up your sleeve?? Can’t wait!

  2. These are great! Love the cupcake designs.

  3. Joyce


  4. The first of thousand years! Love your style and your blog. There is one thing i hope you will give away one day and it is your amazing creativity.
    Congrats for all! ❀

  5. Congratulations! Thanks for the cupcake, it’s yummy *winks*

  6. Louise T.

    I love your design πŸ™‚ Wish I had the patience

  7. Ali

    Happy blogbirthday! You continually amaze me with your skill and creativity and I’m excited to see what the next year brings!

  8. I’m always so impressed with your designs, they are always so perfect! Love looking at them :)! Happy one year πŸ˜€ !! xx

  9. I’ve already done it?!??? How mysterious! Congrats on the year of blogging and I love the cupcakes πŸ™‚

  10. nailcrazy69

    congrats, hope you’ll stay with us for a long, long time :*

  11. Woots woots! Happy Bloggiversary! Love the mani btw! Love how you thought out everything for the theme and design! Makes it all the more meaningful πŸ™‚ And you did such a great job with the cupcakes even the watermarbling — they look simply delicious >.<!!

    • Thank you:) It was a process, for a while I had streamers on the middle nail, but it just didn’t sit right. So the marbling was meant to be overflowing icing from the yummy cake in a way!

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