Lacquer Legion..GLAM!

Well believe it or not I was actually on time for this post, nails done, check.  Photograph, edit and post, fail. Lately my camera and I have been fighting, I really fail to see what it’s problem is. We have nearly always played nicely together, but in the last couple of photo shoots, I’ve come out with yellow tinged fingers, very pink fingers or grey-ish fingers. I’m giving it the finger.

Glam 3

For the prompt of “glam” I thought glitter, glitter and maybe a touch more glitter, with some elegant pink or black swirls. I started with 3 coats of BYS “Glitter Crystal”(a dupe of a Ciate polish I’m sure), I painted some Sinful Colors “Top Me Off” on the tips and a little Barry M “Rose Quartz Glitter” around the cuticle (this is the one I’m holding).

Glam 2

Then I painted some swirls with black acrylic paint and filled them in with Essence “Gold Digger” or a cheap magenta pink glitter. My camera really struggled with capturing the glitter. Any tips on how to photograph glitter, is it tricky, or is it me?

Glam 1

My attempt at a glamorous pose,but you can really see that rainbow sparkle here! When looking for images of “glam” I came across this…. love it! For other lovely glam nails search #LLglam or check out the facebook page.



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9 responses to “Lacquer Legion..GLAM!

  1. nailcrazy69

    this really looks glamorous and kinda special 😀
    agree, glitter is always pita when comes to photoshooting 😛

  2. This is so pretty! Love the glitter/texture look on the base color. The swirly design adds a nice touch too.

  3. That glitter looks freaking awesome!

  4. I’ve had problems with photoing glitter as well. I’ve managed to get the best shots in the sun, but unfortunately can’t have perfect sun conditions all the time 😛
    The mani is gorgeous though!

  5. This is so pretty and glamorous I love it ! 🙂 xx

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