Moyou medley…..

Two prompts rolled into one…it’s late, I’m tired….must post nails….

Firstly Outfit Of The Day is inspired by a t-shirt I own. I posted a photo of it on Instgram if you would like to check it out there.

Japanese pink top

I’ve used Moyou London plates 05 and 06 from the Suki Collection. Over a beige to pink gradient background, I stamped first with Mundo de Unas “Mexican Pink” and then with Color Club “Ms. Socalite” using the same bamboo leaf design. I made a decal with the Geisha image and cream polish. I added a few touches of Japanese writing and sealed it all with China Glaze “Fast Forward” top coat. I will have to actually wear the shirt and nails together!

For the prompt Childhood, I’ve used the top right image on plate 13 from the Princess Collection, which reminds me of sheets or curtains that we had when I was a kid.

Childhood 1

I’ve used the leadlighting technique to thin the polish down and apply it over the stamped design. This is spot on how I can remember some interesting retro designs! Thanks for looking back soon with more Moyou madness!



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8 responses to “Moyou medley…..

  1. Both turned out amazing but I have to say the second one is my favorite.

  2. yes! looks like my wallpaper in the kitchen growing up !

  3. Ana

    The childhood one nails the retro wallpaper look 100%!

  4. nailcrazy69

    they both look nice, but my love goes to that geisha manicure ❤

  5. Leesha

    I am in awe! The Asian inspired nails are my fave!

  6. They both look so perfect! As usual! 🙂 I love the first one best it’s amazing

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