Interview on Nailopolis….

A little while back I was asked if I would like to do an interview for Nailpolis online magazine. Well of course I would! You can read it here…. here . I thought they would edit my answers a little, but its in the same ramble-y format that I ramble in!

Check out the other interviews also, they are an interesting read. I’m looking forward to seeing more interviews by Nailpolish, its nice to get to know the person behind the nails. I love the Nailpolis Museum site also its a great place to look at lots of different styles of nail art.

While I’m posting links….have you seen this??? Anjelah Johnson nail art salon on you tube. I’ll be quoting it all day!


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5 responses to “Interview on Nailopolis….

  1. That’s great to hear!

  2. That was interesting! 🙂 It was seeing a water marble that first got me interested in nail stuff too 🙂

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