Well today’s nails must be the simplest ever. They have been on my to do list for ages. All I did was download an image of a barcode and print it onto clear waterslide decal paper, (more about the paper in this post.) I painted some fake nails white, applied the decal over the top and sealed with top coat.


I’ve used fake nails because I wanted quite a bit of the lines of the barcode and at the moment my nails are short and in pretty poor condition. The joys of letting your friends practice acrylic on you! I’m using a strengthening treatment called Revitanail Sensitive, so in a few weeks I can tell you if it actually works on not.


Filed under Decal, Fake nails, Fun!

10 responses to “Barcode…

  1. Looks so good and cool!

  2. Very very cool. I love the creative ways you use waterslide!

  3. thebubblybrunette

    Super cool look!

  4. They are so bright and stunning!

    I love them, even though I prefer your natural nails, but I get it ; ))

  5. You never fail to impress me with your creativity! They look so cool!

  6. i wonder how much someone would charge you 😉
    super original manicure 😀

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