Marie Antoinette…

I had many ideas for the theme historical, but thought it would be fun to go with Marie Antoinette. I used this picture from the movie for inspiration.


This was a very challenging portrait to paint and it didn’t help that I decided to make the shadows lighter and give it more of a painterly look halfway through! Every time I paint a tiny portrait, I swear its the last!

Marie Antoinette

For the Marie Antoinette nail I started with a base of OPI “Diva of Geneva” and stamped with Essence “Gold Digger” and Messy Mansion plate MM06. Marie is painted with polish, watercolour and acrylic paint. For the other nails, I used the colours from the movie as inspiration and painted decorative Rococo like swirls in leadlighting craft paint! I like the golden swirls, they give the effect I wanted. As for Marie Antoinette…off with her head! Oh wrong movie πŸ˜‰


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16 responses to “Marie Antoinette…

  1. nailcrazy69

    you amaze me every time, love your marie antoinette πŸ˜€

  2. Kattbelly

    That’s really beautiful. You are so talented! I’ve never used that leadlighting paint, but I want to get some, what a beautiful effect!

    • Thanks Donna, it was a happy accident. As I had doodled on a a jar ages ago that I now store my nail art brushes in, I looked up and it hit me…. “Use me for a gilded look” it said!

      On 29 July 2014 06:52, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  3. XlinaXMX

    OMG your so talented !

  4. hahaha – loved the ending to this mani’s story πŸ˜‰
    But don’t be too harsh on yourself, dear! Considering your canvas size and how hard it is to paint a portrait (I know I couldn’t) you did great! πŸ™‚

    • Ha ha I’m glad you got it! Thank you, she looked better in real life but then maybe Marie Antoinette did too! Can’t win them all, thank you for your comment xx πŸ™‚

      On 29 July 2014 20:00, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  5. Hehehe, I know it will not be your last! XD It’s in your blood to attempt another one >:D Hahahaha!! I really love how you captured her hair, and yes as Mina pointed out, such a small canvas! Loving all the details you added. You did a splendid job in capturing what you did. So great job to you! πŸ™‚

    • Ha ha yes that is true, there probably will be more! The hair was fun, at one point I thought I was finished was ready to take pics and post, then realised her neck was as long as one of those Africa women who wear neck rings!!! Ahh too funny! Thank you for you comment xx

      On 1 August 2014 03:12, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  6. She came out beautiful!! And I LOVE the gilded look. It’s stunning and still doesn’t overpower the portrait.

    I like that movie with Kirsten Dunst, mostly because of the visuals.
    Also, every time I see pastels and Marie-Antoinette now it makes me think ‘Qu’ils Mangent Des Macarons’, which was the title of my post, Paris and macaron- themed. Which is slightly unfair since she’s never ACTUALLY said ‘Let them eat cake’… ; ) Anyway, now it’s stuck in my head.

  7. jubaoli23

    gorgeous πŸ™‚

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