Red kamo….

Hello out there, ready for a laugh? Well she who can’t seem to manage to post once a week is going to attempt the impossible…. 31 day challenge!! Meaning I WILL (okay hope) to post one mani each day this month! Created by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails, I’ve sat by and watched the last 2 years as people have joined in this challenge. So this year I thought, I’d give it a go. Mainly because I spend way too long on a design, so this should be a good way to used the KISS principle  (Keep It Simple Stupid!) and more productive! If you would like to know more about the challenge, Sarah’s post should answer all your questions here.


So onto the nails, for the prompt red somehow I got to thinking of these motorbike pants that I’d seen. Besides I love kamo! I started with a base of OPI “My boyfriend Scales Walls” and randomly blobbed China Glaze “Stone Cold”, Revlon “Silver”,”Revlon Red” and black polish here and there.

Red kamo 1

I learnt not to be too fussy with this pattern, the bigger it was the better. This is also a good time to try out my new Ciate denim manicure kit that I got cheaply in an online sale. I’ve used the gold water decal stitching and an eyelet.

red kamo 2

So overall I’m pretty happy with this, to me it says kamo jeans and day 1 down! Possibly not as simple as I could have made it, so be prepared for stamping and decals.  Help me pray to the nail art gods for strength and more hours in my day! Hope to see lots of you joining in also.



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11 responses to “Red kamo….

  1. Awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing all your nail art this month! I’m doing the challenge too, so yay 🙂

  2. beautiful nails

    I just can’t do this challenge again :S
    good luky

  3. Love these! Goodluck with this challenge! This sort of thing was how I got sucked into blogging and then of course I met you on the llama challenge so I wish you lots of luck in keeping it up. I wish I had known this was coming up… it’s been a long time since I’ve done a back to back challenge but I hate coming into these things late… hmm… do you think I should join in?

    • Yes Charlie yes!!! I’m hitting the ground running, while others I’m sure have a few days manis up their sleeve, I’m at day 3 and stressed already!! Ha ha but that’s what challenges are for!! To push ourselves, would love for you to join in as well! xx

      On 2 September 2014 13:20, Break rules, not nails wrote:


  4. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    J’ai plus que ri, j’ai hurlé de rire ! Un post de temps en temps et puis brusquement The 31 Day Challenge. Quel courage. Bravo !
    Ton kamo est superbe, très chic. L’accent nail, un jean digne d’un grand couturier.
    Tout ira bien, les dieux du nail art sont à tes côtés et moi aussi.

  5. nailcrazy69

    lol, love your kiss principle ❤
    fingers crossed, i'm sure you'll manage it 😀

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