Day 3 yellow…

Still here! I have decided to try something new, gel polish! This is my first time using a gel polish (which has the consistency of honey and must be cured under a uv or led light). Here I’m using Bluesky “black” and have stamped over it with yellow, using Pueen plate 51 from the stamping buffet set.

Yellow day 3

A friend said this looked gold, but it is in fact …..yellow!! I’m so happy to see all the other lovely ladies who’s blogs I follow joining in the challenge, we are in this together girls!


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7 responses to “Day 3 yellow…

  1. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    Incroyable ! du stamping sur du vernis semi-permanent (nom donné au gel polish en français).
    C’est vrai que l’on dirait que le vernis est un peu métallisé et cela rend le nail art encore plus beau.
    Je trouve aussi qu’il y a plein de filles qui se sont lancées pour le 31DC2014. C’est génial !

  2. This is lovely! The two colors go great together.

  3. Wow, that yellow stamps amazingly!!! ❤

  4. Yellow and black are always great together and that pattern looks good.

  5. really looks gold: so beautiful 🙂

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