Day 4 green…

Hello out there! I’m loving my new black gel nails, not only can I wear polish to work, I can stamp a different design over the top each day and create a different look! How am I so late to the party on this one?! For today’s prompt I have stamped with Pueen plate 56 and a green polish that I have made. It would have been better if the design was wider on this plate, you don’t get much to work with.

Green day 4

Not only am I using more untried plates, but I seem to be bonding with my camera better.  A routine seems to be developing and I hope to see you all at the end!

Green day 4 square



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11 responses to “Day 4 green…

  1. Love the green you used here. Another regal looking manicure.

  2. Another great pattern and the green color looks awesome!

  3. Claire

    Coucou Michelle !
    C’est super cette idée de stamping sur une base de gel polish. Pas besoin de tout refaire tous les jours. C’est cool.
    Je ne mettais plus de gel polish que sur les ongles des pieds, mais je crois que je vais suivre ton exemple pour les mains. J’adore tester.

  4. nailcrazy69

    cheater 😉
    just kidding, your black gel nails look super cool, i bet you’re the coolest chef 😀
    please tell me the secret of making such a pigmented polishes, i won’t tell anyone, promise 😉

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